Just like different workplaces and organisations, vending machines come in a range of sizes and capabilities. Treat Yourself Vending owns a wide selection of our own machines including snack, drink and combo machines all with customisable payment options.

Snack and Drink Machines

Our drink machines range from small can machines to larger glass front machines which are able to vend both chilled cans and bottles. Similarly, our standalone snack machines come in a variety of sizes to meet your workplace requirements.

Combo Machines

Limited in space? How about a combo machine? Combo machines offer flexibility with a choice of both snack and drinks from the one machine, and provide the advantage of a much smaller carbon footprint than keeping separate snack and drink machines.

Multiple Payment Options

While vending machines have traditionally been coin operated, todays customers often require the flexibility of different payment options. As a result, in addition to coin slots our machines are fitted with note readers and can even be equipped with card readers where required, to make purchases easy for our users.

Machines and Product Selection

To give you an example of what we can add to your workplace, have a look at some of our machines below, shown with actual stock selections. Click on the images to view.

Customised vending machines to meet your needs.

Limited in the space available for a vending machine? Talk to us about our range of combo vending machines.

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