Treat Yourself Vending is a family run business and we value our customer base. Friendly, reliable service is an integral part of our business, and we endeavour to ensure that our machines provide hassle free vending.

As part of our complimentary services we include:

Customisable Vending Selections

Every workplace has the right to customise their vending selections and we will work with you to provide the best selection for your needs. As part of this process we consider aspects such as business policies and any customer requests. All of our workers are approachable and happy to listen!

Regular Maintenance and Service

To ensure customers can make the most of our vending machines, we regularly stock and maintain all of our vending sites. There is no maximum service limit and we are happy to visit each site as frequently as needed to meet the demand.

On-call Servicing

In the case of an issue with the machine, a simple phone call or email will result in a service call to rectify the problem. Service calls are, of course, at no cost to your company and we aim to provide same day servicing where possible or urgent.

All Treat Yourself Vending machines are clearly supplied with our contact details, allowing customers to contact us where required.

Supporting the Community

At Treat Yourself Vending we believe that it is important as a business, to support your local community. As a result, we are always keen to work with social clubs and are able to provide commission or products for raffles to support any affiliated charities.

Prompt, Friendly & Reliable Service

Got a problem with the vending machine, just call 0419675141 and we’ll be there the same day.

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